Privacy Policy

What do we collect?
Your happiness while surfing. Nothing will be shared with anyone. But we cannot help who peeps into it. You have to see the privacy statements of search engines as they always peeps in to our site.

All the Content are belongs to Site Creators?
You must be kidding. W am not the owner of the content, it is you who created. Even we did not own the language. Our teacher  beat us to death to teach these letters. After learning letter she/he beat us again to show how to keep them together. Please contact her/him if we made any mistake for not beating me correctly. We only put letters together with our ideas and thoughts

What about images?
We all have full time job that pays for living. Our motto is to make all of smile and is our hobby. So we cannot take camera and shoot pictures. My brother Google steels from someone and gives us to keep them here.

How to ask you to remove something?
Just post your comment with details. We will delete it without a question.

What about Cookies?
I love to eat them and never kept them on anyone’s desk (computer). If it happens then it is by mistake or site usability purpose only. May be it is not safe for you. Please feel free to give us back (notify us) or through them in garbage (delete it).

On serious note Privacy is our policy. Nothing will be shared with any one at any cost. My blogs and site hosting is safe to surf and sleep.